May 18, 2024

What Are the Top Signs He Likes Me?

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What Are the Top Signs He Likes Me?What are the signs he likes me? It’s...

What Are the Top Signs He Likes Me?

What are the signs he likes me? It’s a question that you’ve no doubt asked your best friend, your office mate, or even your mother. But what if you have no one to ask this question and you need to know right away?

If so, here are several signs to watch out for.

Top Signs He Likes Me – He makes it a point to speak with you.

If he deliberately calls or sends you a message, if he goes out of his way to meet or speak with you when he doesn’t have any reason to, that guy definitely likes you. The same answer applies even if he does give you a reason but it’s so lame even a blind man could see the truth.

Top Signs He Likes Me – You catch him looking at you.

Whether he’s trying not to be obvious about it or not is immaterial. If you catch him looking at you one time too often then it’s a certain sign he likes you. Just put yourself in his shoes. When you find a guy you like, isn’t it impossible to stop yourself from looking at him from time to time? Even though you’ve already memorized what he’s wearing today, you still can’t get enough of him.

That’s how everyone feels when they’re looking at the person they like.

Top Signs He Likes Me – He blatantly ignores you.

This sign is a bit tricky, but if you manage to confirm that he’s deliberately ignoring you – or that he wants you to think he’s ignoring you – then you’ve hit the jackpot. Sometimes, when guys aren’t ready to admit they’re attracted they make sure they act the opposite and ignore the object of their affection.

If you haven’t done anything wrong and yet the guy you like seems to go out of his way to ignore you for no reason then it could be a classic case of boys pulling the pigtails of the girls they like. Weird as it may sound, it’s the only way they feel comfortable showing their affection for you.

Top Signs He Likes Me – He gives you little gifts and favors.

He didn’t have to, but he always waits for you so you could ride the sub together on your way home. Or he buys you coffee on his way to work. He knows you’re going to be late, and he saves you a seat. It’s these little things that are easy to ignore that actually tell you something else when they’re done again and again by the same guy.

Sure, he could be simply thoughtful but if he’s not like that with other girls then you have to accept the fact that he likes you.

Top Signs He Likes Me – He listens to you.

Guys aren’t like girls in the sense that they’re eager to hear other people’s stories. If they don’t care about you, they’d rarely be willing to listen about your past, present, or future. But if a guy likes you, he’d be willing to listen to you anytime and would be happy when you have happy news to share and vice versa. If the guy you like is showing all the signs above then you’re in luck. He really does like you!

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