April 20, 2024

Signs and Symptoms – How to Spot a Panic Attack

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Signs and Symptoms – How to Spot a Panic AttackSigns and symptoms of panic attacks...

Signs and Symptoms – How to Spot a Panic Attack

Signs and symptoms of panic attacks all involve extreme anxiety or even feelings of terror. An initial attack can be so severe in its first two minutes that the person having the attack must require admittance to a hospital. The first minutes of an attack can feel like the oxygen has been taken out of the room. Panic attacks generally last for a half hour tapering off after the terrifying first two minutes. One of the biggest symptoms of panic attack is the feeling of not being able to breath. Sufferers often report pain in their chest to the extent that breathing is either difficult or seemingly impossible.

Although panic attacks will never kill anyone the person experiencing the attack may feel like they are dying. The longer someone has undergone panic attacks the more painful and traumatic the attacks so it is important to receive treatment at its onset. Another symptom of panic attack is severe dizziness. Someone affected by panic attack may feel very woozy or that they have no balance at all. It is important to sit down and take deep breaths so to not hurt oneself. Panic attacks are nearly always associated with extreme nerves or jitters which lead to trembling and heavy sweating. This is caused by stress due to a severe change in lifestyle. The stress causing events include relationship trouble, starting a new job, being terminated at an old job, planning a wedding, and lack of sleep. Cutting out alcohol from a diet can do wonders for freeing oneself from anxiety.

Many people even after making lifestyle changes and doing their best to remove stress from their lives still suffer from panic attacks. Other options to stop panic attack include meditation, hypnosis, and tapping all processes designed to help free a persons subconscious from stress that leads to panic attack. Sadly however sometimes these methods even fail as the general anxiety that some people possess is just too high and resistant to be removed.

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