July 14, 2024

Signs Your Wife Is Cheating – 6 Small Signs Your Wife Is Cheating You Need to Know About

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Signs Your Wife Is Cheating – 6 Small Signs Your Wife Is Cheating You Need to Know About

There are many signs your wife is cheating you could be on the lookout for. Unfortunately, it’s the big “lightening bolt from the heavens” signs that most people are on the lookout for when it’s the little bitty teeny tiny signs that really tell the tale about your wife’s infidelity.

The noise level in your home. Has it suddenly gotten quiet in your home? When was the last time you and your wife had a long conversation about anything that wasn’t related to work, calendars, politics, or children? That long huh? If your wife is normally Chatty Cathy and suddenly stops talking it’s a big blinking neon sign that there’s a problem and cheating is the first conclusion that comes to mind at a time like this.

Changes in bathing habits. If your wife has traditionally been the type to enjoy a long soak in the tub at the end of the day and has suddenly started walking through the door and heading for the shower, it’s a change worth noticing and investigating. Especially if you’re looking for signs your wife is cheating.

Your wife seems happier than she has in a while. In most instances this only happens in two situations. She’s either found religion or she’s found someone who is showing an interest. It doesn’t mean that she’s cheating yet but it’s a sure sign that cheating is weighing on her mind.

Your wife starts picking fights with you. This is especially noteworthy if your wife has been the sort to back down from fights or avoid them in the past. If your typically non-confrontational wife is suddenly looking for reasons to fight or argue this one of the small signs your wife is cheating that has huge implications for your marriage.

Changes in fitness routine, appearance, and style of dress. Is your wife suddenly dressing to impress someone? Either she’s trying to rekindle things with you and get your attention again (hopefully you’ll be reaping the rewards if that is the case and not looking for signs your wife is cheating) or she’s dressing to impress someone else.

She’s avoiding sex with you. Unlike men who cheat and are able to still enjoy having sex at home, women tend to have a hard time doing that and will avoid sex at home rather than trying to keep up a fa?�ade. If your wife has started rebuffing every attempt you make for physical intimacy you need to consider that this is one of the biggest signs of a cheating wife and find out what’s really going on in your marriage.

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