April 20, 2024

The Three Ways To Know Your Relationship Is In Trouble With A Guy

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The Three Ways To Know Your Relationship Is In Trouble With A GuyEvery girl wishes...

The Three Ways To Know Your Relationship Is In Trouble With A Guy

Every girl wishes to have a great winning relationship with a guy. Many relationships start off splendidly at the beginning, but a true connection is one that goes through all the bumps along the way and stays passionate and loving. It is no surprise that relationships require effort. They are not hard to maintain, but like watering a plant, you need to carefully tend to your relationship consistently.

Most relationships have peaks and ruts, great and not so great. Just because you have a couple of misunderstandings, doesn’t mean the end of things. Even in the best of times, there will be problems. Considering all parts to the relationship, you cannot neglect troublesome areas when they arise with your loved one. If you neglect the problems, they will only get worse, and could cause the end of the relationship.

Here are three heads up indications that you have problems that need to be resolved in your relationship.

Being Insensitive-

This happens when one person expresses their feelings, thoughts, emotions, etc, and is not acknowledged for the way they feel by their partner. They are denied by the other person, and rejected for feeling the way they do. For instance, if the girl is acting hurt, or sad, the boyfriend might tell her to stop acting so miserable and being so sensitive. These can be incredibly hurtful, because the feelings being felt are real. These kinds of personal attacks can actually cause a person to suppress their feelings and conceal their true self, and it is very destructive on a person in every way.

Avoidance And Deflection-

If there are important issues in the relationship and the one partner tends to avoid any conversation regarding these matters, then this can get become dangerous to the relationship. Excuses are made to leave if a conversation hits a sensitive spot, or a person just blocks out, or deflects talking about the problem at hand. This is a very unhealthy practice and it is a sure warning sign that the relationship is on a downward spiral.

Using Leverage Against Them-

When arguments and conflict starts to become personal to the point where lovers are making personal stabs at each other, and using mistakes or things done by the other half against them, this is a real sign of a troublesome relationship. There is obviously a lot of frustration, built up anger and irritation at this point. Things can really get out of hand, and people will find themselves saying things that they will deeply regret later on.

Any of these things can take place between two people together. How often and to what degree are the things to really look out for. Know that establishing a strong trust and being willing to tackle the issues at hand are critical to maintaining a strong relationship.

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