February 20, 2024

How to Detect Sexual Tension? Find Out If She’s Already Into You

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How to Detect Sexual Tension? Find Out If She’s Already Into YouBuilding sexual tension is...

How to Detect Sexual Tension? Find Out If She’s Already Into You

Building sexual tension is actually pretty easier than it sounds — sometimes, it’s even natural. However, that would actually depend on you. Your state of mind and attitude play a very important role in it — everything will actually just be nothing if you yourself aren’t in the mood for it anyway. And if you’re the type who usually expects the worst and paranoid to bits about getting rejected, then things will get a lot more messed than you expect. So if you’re out with a girl next time, try to read her body language and find out if she’s into you, too. Here are a few tips on how to detect sexual tension and get to discover the techniques to make it a much better night with your girl!

Can’t take her eyes off of you. Eyes are a very good basis to detect if someone is into you or not. When someone can’t help it but maintain eye contact with you, take it as a good sign. Of course, it may be a little awkward and freakish but at least you know that she’s already has the hots for you.

Uncontrollable giggles. Giggles are definitely involuntary and you may find this a little annoying when some girls can’t get enough of their giggles — but it can be a strong flirting signal she’s trying to send you, saying that your presence makes her feel good and nervous at the same she doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Crossing and uncrossing her legs. Signs of anxiety? You bet it is. However, take it as a good sign. When your date starts to uncross and cross her legs a lot, it may signify that she’s too antsy in waiting for you make the first move. She’s gone passed the flirting stage and wants to take things more intimate now.

Reaching out to touch you. Touching is a form of intimacy and the more she or you tried to lessen the gap and get closer, the more sexual tension you’re both feeling. So when you go and reach out to hold her hand, make it linger. And when she does, hold it tight and don’t let go.

Keep talking and smiling. When a girl starts to talk and laugh way louder, she’s yearning for attention. If she also can’t seem to stop smiling, she’s definitely so into you now that it makes her feel incredibly good and in the mood for more. Better get some action coming before it dies down. 

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