June 15, 2024

The Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Hates You You After the Break Up! Or Does He Still Love You?

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The Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Hates You You After the Break Up! Or Does He Still Love You?

Although you’ve had a long, beautiful relationship, you’ve also had a terrible fight that has left you wondering: does your ex boyfriend hate you or does he still love you? Here’s how you can find out for sure which one it is.

He’s probably more confused about it than you are, so don’t breathe his air for a couple of days. He needs to figure things out on his own. If you want to turn the cards on your favor, do not buzz him with your calls or messages. He’ll really hate you if you do that.

There are other ways to get inside his head and tell whether there’s still room for you in his thoughts or not.

You can depict the first sign of his hatred while being out with your friends in a common place you and your ex used to hang out. Chances are that he’ll be there too and you’ll inevitably exchange glances. A very common reaction in confused and angry lovers is to make a sudden turn away from their partner. If this is your boyfriend’s reaction too, then you should know that he’s still upset with you and wishes to stay as far away from you as he can. It may be temporary or for good, so you must seek for other signs as well.

Your friends will be the ones to show that sign to you. If you ex has told them bad or nasty things about you, then it’s pretty clear that he hates your guts and wants you to end up alone and in misery. Sweet denial can keep you safe for a while, but sooner or later you will have to face the truth and move on with your life.

Don’t hate him back! The love and hate barrier is so thin, that one day he loves you more than anything in the world, and the other day he turns against you and wishes you to drop dead. Until he manages to make up his mind whether he hates you or loves you, ignorance is bliss!

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