July 16, 2024

Heart Diseases Warning Signs – Tips on Prevention

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Heart Diseases Warning Signs – Tips on Prevention

What are the Causes of Coronary Heart Disease? Warning signs are the things that we need to know to prevent more serious complications like heart attack, and stroke. A heart attack occurs when the part of the heart muscle is damaged or dies because they don’t receive the required oxygen. Oxygen is carried to the heart by arteries (blood vessels). Heart attacks are usually caused by blockage in the arteries. Heart disease can also be caused by a blood clot that get stuck in a narrow part of an artery to the heart. This usually from where the atherosclerosis has made an artery more narrow. We can notice if we will be having a heart attack by using this guidelines like feeling of pressure or crushing pain in the chest, sometimes with sweating, nausea and vomiting. The feeling of pain that extends from the chest and radiates into the jaw, left arm or left shoulder. Feeling of tightness in the chest and shortness of breath that last for more than a couple of seconds.

Don’t ever ignore the pain or discomfort, get help immediately if you think that you are having heart problems or a heart attack. If ever that you are having heart disease like heart attack, call for an health care provider.

While waiting for the medical team, chew one regular tablet of aspirin but do not take it if you have allergy with it. In the hospital they might give the patient a “clot busters” this is the one use to reopen the arteries very fast. IV line will be placed in the left arm for the medications. An electrocardiogram will also be performed and they will give the client an oxygen and watch the heart rate and rhythm on the monitor.

It is very important to be aware about the risk factors and causes of coronary heart disease. These are smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, family history of heart disease, race like African Americans. Hardening of he arteries or atherosclerosis, lack of exercise, stress, obesity and sex wherein the male is more at risk in having heart disease. Heart diseases can be avoided by cessation of smoking, eating a healthy diet, controlling the blood sugar for diabetes patients, exercising, losing weight for those who are overweight and controlling the blood pressure for hypertensive.

Here are the list of signs that should not be ignored:

– Angina- This is the feeling of pain that appears with exertion, tightness, pressure, stress and it usually disappears with rest. The location where the client usually felt it is in the chest, throat, upper abdomen and arms.- Shortness Of Breath- difficulty in breathing, this occur whether you are exerting yourself, at rest or asleep.- Edema- this is the swelling of the ankles, usually occurs at the end of the day.- Palpitations- forceful, rapid, or irregular heartbeat- Fatigue- A decreased in ability to exercise and easily to be tired.- Fainting- sudden loss of consciousness or light headedness.

The Causes of Coronary Heart Disease are many fold. Keep yourself fit and eat a healthy diet and help yourself avoid the signs of heart failure.

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