July 14, 2024

The Link Between Menopause Symptoms and Estrogen

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The Link Between Menopause Symptoms and Estrogen

Most women are becoming aware of the condition known as estrogen dominance. This occurs when the amount of estrogen in the body is not balanced by the proper amount of progesterone. This can occur from failed ovulations, or by over-exposure to environmental chemicals found in herbicides, pesticides and plastics, called xenoestrogens, which have an estrogen-like effect on the body. These chemicals accumulate in our fatty tissue and greatly increase the risk of cancers.

When you have too much estrogen activity compared to progesterone, you can suffer symptoms such as water retention, bloating, and menstrual irregularities.

Globally we are living in a dangerous ocean of hormone-disrupting chemicals, which are triggering lowered sperm counts, animals and fish are changing sex, and we too are seeing sexual mutation.

One problem with conventional HRT is that they do not use progesterone but synthetic hormone-like substances called progestins, which are artificial hormones. These have side-effects such as irritability, liver dysfunction, vaginal bleeding, blood clots etc and they reverse the positive effects of estrogens on the heart.

Conventional HRT also uses much higher levels of estrogen than natural HRT. Hence why I prefer to use natural HRT.

If you have had a partial hysterectomy (ovaries remaining) before menopause you will still have hormonal changes similar to the normal menstrual cycle. If you need supplemental hormones and are told that you only need estrogen because you do not have a uterus, you should also take real (natural) progesterone with any estrogen supplementation. If you have had a total hysterectomy and need hormone replacement therapy, use the lowest dose of estrogen possible for you and always use real (natural) progesterone with it.

Some women go through early menopause, which can happen for many reasons, ranging from estrogen-like chemicals in the environment or smoking, drinking heavily, or being severely malnourished. Whatever the cause, it is important to make sure that the bones remain healthy, therefore have a bone scan periodically and a urine – deoxypyrodinoline test to measure bone breakdown. If bone loss is occurring then you need to take the appropriate measures.

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