How Do I Know If He Is Really Starting to Fall for Me? Now You Will Know His Feelings

Dating out a guy for months is no guarantee that he’s for real. There were many instances in the past when couples would date for months, even years, only to end up in separate ways later on. If you want to know if the man that you’re dating is falling head over heels for you, you should take note of these glaring signs:

He’ll keep bumping into you.

Because this guy is in love with you, he’ll want to turn up in the exact same places where you hang out. If it seems like he’s everywhere you go lately, then it could only mean that he’s been secretly following you around.

He’ll find it hard to ignore you.

No matter what he does, no matter how much he hides it, this man won’t be able to keep his attention off you. He’ll find it hard to not look at you because you’re the focal point of his universe at the moment.

He’ll try to break the ice.

This guy is now pressured to get to know you because he can’t contain himself anymore. So he’ll want to get to know you soon. Don’t be surprised if he suddenly walks up to you and introduces himself. He’ll also grab every opportunity to sit beside you or even stand close to you!

His gaze will always be on you.

One of the most obvious signs that he’s into you is when he can’t take his eyes off you. It’s as if he’s drinking in your very presence. To this guy, you’re like a goddess that he has to behold day in and day out. Try to lock eyes with him and he’s likely to lower his gaze. Look again and there he is, looking at you once more!

All the praises keep piling up.

He’s definitely head over heels in love if he keeps complimenting everything about you. He would either tell you these compliments himself or he’d ask some of your common friends to tell you how much he appreciates you. This is one of the ultimate signs of

It’s his goal to make a great first impression.

This guy will suddenly do things for you. It’s as if he’s at your beck and call because he wants to make you happy all the time. He impresses you with lavish gifts, his talents, his good manners, and all. This is him persuading you to choose him above all other guys out there.

Your voice mailbox could hardly contain his messages.

This guy will flood your number with calls and messages. Since he’s already head over heels in love with you, he’ll want to get in touch as much as he can. He might even get to the point when he’d pour out his feelings for you through a romantic phone call.

By Arsya