July 16, 2024

The 3 Major Signs She Misses You! Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Misses You!

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The 3 Major Signs She Misses You! Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Misses You!

Since you are looking up signs she misses you, I’m assuming you’re also curious about getting your ex girlfriend back. I want to be upfront and very clear about the fact that just because you have signs that your ex girlfriend misses does not mean she wants you back as a lover.

If she was the one who broke it off with you then you have to be even more concerned about re-attracting your ex girlfriend back. Any combination of these signs puts you in a great position of getting her back.

1. She’s Been Asking Around About You –

Is your ex girlfriend asking about you? If your friends been telling you that your ex girlfriend has been asking around about you, this means she misses you or is curious about you.

There’s no other reason for her to do this unless she’s curious about you. This is a great sign. If she’s been asking your friends if you’ve been seeing someone else, it’s an even better sign.

2. Your Ex Girlfriend Contacts You –

It’s true that if she contacts you in any shape or form, you are on her mind. This is a great sign, but don’t get all goofy here. Just because she misses you doesn’t mean she wants you back. At least not yet.

She could just be having a weak moment or trying to use you as a safety net. This is even more true if the breakup is recent. You must note that the longer you’re in the no contact rule, the more she probably really does miss you.

The fact she misses is even more true if you’ve been in no contact for some time, and she contacts you out of the blue. If you’re in limited contact, that fact that your ex misses you if only strengthened if she is the one usually initiating contact and the majority of it isn’t asking you for favors.

3. She Puts You In Her Future –

It can be very true that she misses you if she puts you in her future. This means she suggests the both of you do something in the near future together. She wouldn’t miss you if she didn’t want to be around you, right?

At this stage, I’m assuming you know the strategy to getting an ex back. If not, and you desire your ex back, be reminded that this is a crucial time in re-attracting your ex girlfriend back. Yes, just because she misses you doesn’t mean that you can’t mess things up here.

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