April 20, 2024

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back – Two Clues That They Want Another Chance

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Signs Your Ex Wants You Back – Two Clues That They Want Another ChanceWhen there...

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back – Two Clues That They Want Another Chance

When there are ongoing conflicts in a relationship couples may decide to separate. This is not a break up, just some time away from each other and the stress and frustration of trying to deal with problems. This gives couples a chance to reevaluate their situation and choose between ending things and working on rebuilding a stronger, more satisfying connection.

Often some time apart lesions the stress and frustration. Couples start missing each other and reconsider being apart. Being together looks better than being apart. They decide to try and repair the relationship.

If you are in this situation, there are some signs your ex wants you back. A good indication of this is if your ex makes the effort trying to open up the lines communications with you. They also demonstrate that they are working on changing what caused the separation in the first place.


Connecting does not just mean they are try to reach you, talk with you or spend time with you. It is about using communication to reconnect with you within the relationship. One of the signs your ex wants you back is they are trying to rebuild the connection between the two of you. It involves putting time and effort into having positive experiences with you again. Rebuilding the connection you had with each other earlier on in the relationship.

Someone who does not want to spend time with you does not call to work things out. If your ex wants to put the time and effort into having an open line of communication they are interested in reconnecting on some level with you. They are reinvesting themselves into the relationship. Trying to recapture the past but focusing on building something new at the same time.


Looking into counseling is one of the signs your ex wants you back. Wanting individual or couples counseling is a sure indicator they want to work on the relationship.

Wanting counseling for the relationship indicates they feel it is worth putting time, money and effort into repairing it. It also shows that they accept there are problems and that they have some responsibility in resolving them. A counselor can help work through the issues. Having both people accept responsibility for the relationship and its problems goes a long way to healing and reconciliation.

Seeking help from a counselor is not just one of the signs your ex wants you back. It indicates that they also want to put the time and resources into a healthy relationship. That it is not just important to get back with you but to keep you in their lives. They value you and the relationship.

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