February 20, 2024

Signs That Your Relationship Is Not Working

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Signs That Your Relationship Is Not WorkingMost people are in a relationship at some point...

Signs That Your Relationship Is Not Working

Most people are in a relationship at some point or another. Many times these go fairly smoothly and you are happy. Sometimes you hit a rough patch that is difficult. These are a bit harder to go through. At times there are some signs that your relationship is not working. Find out what some of these warning signs are.

If the person doesn’t seem to be interested in your anymore, this is one of the signs. If he or she is no longer calling that often, not contacting you, and not making plans on going out with you, it could be time to move on. It’s hard to convince someone to do this more. They are either motivated to be with you are they are not.

If the relationship is stressing you out or your partner, the relationship might not be working. You shouldn’t have tons of stress when in a relationship with someone. Your partner and the time with him or her should be a positive thing in most circumstances.

Sometimes you will notice that your current relationship is full of many unhealthy things. These will be things like lies, jealousy, drama, fighting, and problems with no resolution ever. If these things stay, you aren’t going to be happy.

If your partner is overly cruel or mean, this is a huge problem. You should be happy and respected in a relationship.

Sometimes feelings just happen. You don’t mean to like someone but it just happens. There are other times that fading starts to fade. If this happens to one of you in the relationship, things might not work out.

There are many people who have conflict about things that happened months ago. This isn’t healthy. You should be resolving your conflict as it happens. If you have months go by without doing this, the relationship probably isn’t going to work.

Sometimes you don’t feel close to your partner anymore. At times you feel you can’t approach the person or be listened to. This means that things are very rough and might not work out.

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