May 28, 2024

A Sign Guide For Businesses

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A Sign Guide For Businesses

When trying to get customers to come to a store, businesses can have a difficult time getting their names out there. With literally dozens of competitors in surrounding areas, small business owners often find that the best way to separate themselves from the crowd is to invest in a worthwhile sign. But where does one begin? With so many sign options at business’ finger tips, it helps to know the differences between signs and how best to display them.

Changeable letter signs are one of the most popular types of signs today. These signs feature different messages, depending on what the business owner wants to promote. For example, if a corn grower has a discount going on, he or she may want to use the letters to make the sign say “corn on sale for a limited time.” The trick is to change the message enough to stay current, but also keep it up long enough so many people passing by will be able to see what it says. But while the changeable signs are appealing to business owners all over, there is also a certain amount of risk.

If the signs are left open to the public, it is possible for mischievous children in the area to change the letters to display an inappropriate message, all in the name of fun. But for businesses struggling to make a profit, there is nothing fun about it. The key is to either keep an eye on the sign when the business is open, or to keep the letters under lock and key as a way to prevent any hooligans from running wild and ultimately driving business away.

Another very popular sign is a sidewalk or A-frame sign. Most often these signs are placed directly in front of stores to advertise their presence or to alert those walking by that a special promotion is going on. Let’s say you own a club and, unlike other places in the area, there is no cover charge upon entering. This is a perfect time to advertise to young party-goers looking for a good time without breaking the bank.

Without the sign in place to advertise the special deal, people would have no idea. The other benefit of these types of signs is the relatively low cost of having a highly visible advertisement. Some companies spend literally thousands of dollars on weekly advertisements in newspapers or on television. The problem is that it is difficult to know whether or not these costly endeavors are effective, which is not the case with sidewalk signs. People dropping in will often say that the have only made the visit based on the sign outside.

Once a sign exists, what is the right message to display? Sign expert Bruce Peters recently gave advice to businesses interested in attracting new clientele.

“Focus on what your customer wants. Place your key benefit at the top of the message, preferably the top two lines,” writes Peters. “A supporting message can be placed below but most likely won’t be read at first glance. Emphasize what makes your store unique compared to your competitors.”

No matter what sign a business decides to go with, many find that it is just what was needed to increase cash flow. For a relatively small price, businesses are able to take control of their changeable marquee letters and attract customers they never thought it was possible to bring in.

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