May 28, 2024

Signs of Flirting

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Signs of Flirting

Many people have different and negative perception of flirting. Signs of flirting can be subtle and not always outrageous.

If you are someone who is nervous and shy, then this article will let you know some easy signs of flirting that you can use to attract the person you like.

Remember that this is just a guide that you can use to form your own style. You don’t have to follow exactly. Instead, you can add some of your style and attitude while you apply these signs of flirting to make it look more natural.

First, women will use many ways to build a rapport with the men they met. They will use eye contacts and simple conversations. You can look into her eyes while you talk to her and ask her open ended questions so that it can allow the conversation to continue naturally to other topics of interest between the two of you.

Second sign you need to know to spot the signs of flirting is to know that women will push and then pull away. Women use this way of flirting because they don’t like to be seem as an easy target. This is one of the signs of flirting women use to make them hard to get and mysterious because men will not know what to expect next.

Finally, compliments will boost the women’s self-confidence. One of the easiest signs of flirting, you can give out compliments to the woman you like. Make her feel appreciated and noticed her effort. Surely, she did put effort into dressing up for the party or social gathering and don’t put her effort to waste. Give her credits where it’s due.

Signs of flirting are easy to spot and when you play the game of flirting, you should take it lightly and enjoy the fun. Even if you don’t get to date the woman of your target, there are plenty more women out there for you to try your luck.

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