Signs He is in Love – Look For These Signs in a Man You Love

Are you certain that he is in love with you or are you in a dilemma because your man is a man of fewer words and still hasn’t told you that he is in love with you? Well that is the problem with most men because they can’t put their feelings to words that very easily. Here, you will get to know about few signs that you can look for in your man to see if he loves you.

Sign 1

He will always be home right on time. If your man loves you as much as you do, he will make it a point to be home right on time. He will even go to the extent of not meeting his poker buddies or drinking mates if you need him around.

Sign 2

If your man loves you, then take it for granted that he will get into any fight with any man just to protect you. This is a sign of male dominance. Your man is showing you that he loves you so much that he would even take on an army for you.

Sign 3

The most unmistakable sign of all is when your man plans little surprises for you. No matter how lousy his cooking skills could be, but if he gets home before you one day and makes a complete spread, then girl, he is so madly in love with you that he wants you. “The best way to a man’s heart”, remember that? Well your man was told that it is the best way to a woman’s heart too and he is trying his best to get in there.

Here are three signs that you can look for in a man to see if he is yours. Look for these signs and appreciate them. Make it easy for your man and on the day he cooks you a meal, you take the initiative and pop the question. He will love you even more when you show him that even you can take the reins.

By Arsya