April 20, 2024

How-To Clean a Car With Car Signs

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How-To Clean a Car With Car SignsIf you’ve decided to feature your business vehicles with...

How-To Clean a Car With Car Signs

If you’ve decided to feature your business vehicles with car signs, first of all, you’ve made a great choice. Material choice, sign design, and installation procedures are all topics you’re going to need to consider, but those are all one-time decisions. Something you’ll need to consider more than just once, however, is how to clean your vehicle once car signs have been installed on it. By following the proper cleaning procedures, your vehicle will look better, and your signs will last longer.

Before Installing

Before installing your car signs, you’ll want to make sure that your vehicle is completely clean. Don’t just take it through an automatic car wash-use a little elbow grease and make it shine! If necessary, wax the body of the vehicle so that the paint is fully-protected. Please note, however, that wax takes a few days to fully “cure,” so don’t apply a sign directly after waxing as the sign may not adhere as it should.

Once your vehicle has been cleaned, dry it thoroughly, if possible inside overnight so that dust and dirt do not collect on its body. You’ll now be ready to install your car sign-check the piece to make sure it is clean and dust-free as well, so that your installation will be completely successful.

After Installing

After installation of a car sign, for the most part your vehicle can be cleaned as usual. Car magnets, since they do not adhere to the vehicle, should be removed before going through a car wash. Low-tack adhesive car decals should also be removed so that they are not damaged. When reapplying a magnet or a removable decal, make sure your vehicle and the sign are both clean, so that the sign will attach to the vehicle without damaging it.

Clean your vehicle often so that dirt and grime does not build up around the edges of your sign-for products like car lettering and perforated car window decals this can cause the material to deteriorate over time. It’s okay to use the rear windshield wiper on car window decals, but only when necessary just to make sure that your sign stays clear and visible.

Keeping your vehicle clean makes your business look more professional and trustworthy. In some cases, it’s difficult to keep work vehicles clean, but at least the design should look professional so that customers can see you’re a business that can be trusted.

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