If Your Ex Still Loves You, You WILL See Signs That She Or He Wants You Back After The Break Up!

You are so traumatised by the failed relationship, that there is no way that anyone can convince you that it is very possible that your ex still loves you, even after the major argument you had. You of course feel that your world has come to an end, and nothing at all will help except to get your ex back. If you’ll just take time to calm down a bit, and start thinking clearly, then you should be able to see the signs that your ex wants you back.

First of all, unless your relationship ended because your ex cheated on you and is now dating someone else, there is every possibility that he/she is still madly in love with you. Okay, so right now you think that this is a totally ridiculous suggestion – you are depressed, and that is what’s making you feel this way. However, please understand that, if your ex really is still in love with you, there very definitely are signs that your ex wants you back.

All you need do is to first take some time to get over the break up, and when you are thinking realistically again, you will see the signs that your ex wants you back. For instance, it could be that your ex asked your Mom how you are when he met her at the local supermarket. This is a very subtle sign, but it still shows that he is interested enough to ask about you.

Maybe you go outside to get the mail, and find your scarf pushed into the mailbox – this is another subtle sign. Your ex is using this as an excuse to keep in touch with you. He/she is still too afraid to actually make contact with you, but really doesn’t want you to forget about him/her.

If you bump into your ex every time you are out with your friends, this too is one of the signs that your ex wants you back. You honestly don’t think that your ex would make sure to be where you are if he/she wasn’t interested in you, do you?

Another of the signs that your ex wants you back is when you wake up one morning and find a text message saying that your ex would like to talk to you. Your ex is letting you know in no uncertain terms that he/she is still very interested in you.

By Arsya