June 15, 2024

A Great Way to Get Free Car Advertising

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A Great Way to Get Free Car Advertising

Free Car advertising is a great way to expose your business to build a brand name for your business or to simply get more feet through the front doors. All advertising needs to reach people who may be looking for your services at prices they can afford. You won’t get a chance to let them know your competitive prices unless they find your business first. Sounds very much like the age old question of what comes first? The chicken or the egg, doesn’t it?

In a way it has a great deal of similarity. If you don’t get the customers then you don’t have a business and to get the customers you need to let them know where your business is in order for them to come and hopefully buy from you.

Free car advertising is a great way to reach many more people than just having signs on your own business vehicles or family car can do for you.

There is no such thing as totally ‘free’ advertising; just some advertising methods that are cheaper than others. The free part comes about and is multiplied by the number of helpful and understanding friends that you have who are prepared to help you for free. No, they don’t have to work as indentured labor, all they need to do for you is allow you to place a magnetic car sign on their vehicle.

Having a number of cars driving around your town or city displaying a sign to your business or the services that you offer is a very simple yet effective method of advertising. The best place to add one of these magnetic car signs is to the rear of a car. Having a catchy and readable sign displayed on the rear end of your car gives all vehicles around you a good chance to read what is on the sign and jot down a phone number or web address when you are stopped at traffic lights or in heavy traffic.

Failing a sign on the rear of a vehicle, then a sign on a car door that says less but is still easily readable is the next best thing for branding your business or catching someone’s eye that just may be looking for the services that you offer at a time when they are looking for them.

Having a number of magnetic car signs made up and able to be displayed on a number of willing friends vehicles is like having an untold number of mobile billboards driving around town.

These magnetic car signs are reasonably inexpensive and can be used many times providing your details haven’t changed. The most expensive part of having these signs manufactured is in the graphic art work usually done by the sign writer but their cost decreases per sign when you buy a number of them.

Using helpful friends and relatives cars to help advertise your business is the closest you will ever get to ‘free’ car advertising and all it may cost you is a Sunday BBQ in your backyard to say ‘thanks’.

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