May 18, 2024

Effective Advertising With Digital Signage

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Effective Advertising With Digital SignageWhether it’s to build your brand, to promote a product or...

Effective Advertising With Digital Signage

Whether it’s to build your brand, to promote a product or simply to maintain brand awareness, a digital signage is an effective, cost efficient and attractive medium of advertising. Compared to static print, a digital sign tends to grab people’s attention because of our tendency to focus our eyes and attention to something in motion. Another advantage of using digital signage is the ease and flexibility involved in changing the message or the layout as against static print which is more costly.

There are three main types of digital signage:

1. Digital Out of Home

This refers the use of a large LCD television screen installed in highly visible areas outdoors. Normally found in high traffic areas, these are secured in a weatherproof enclosure. Extra care should also be undertaken to ensure that the area is not prone to vandalism. Most digital out of home signage is controlled via the internet. Content can be modified or completely changed from one central location.

2. Indoor Digital Signage

This signage comes in various features and sizes the most basic of which is called the digital poster. Digital posters are usually the smaller versions of the digital outdoor signage. You can see them in shopping malls, shops, restaurants and almost everywhere else. Another indoor signage, the information kiosk, is mainly used in shopping malls, hotels or large grocery stores and is interactive. These info kiosks can be used to capture consumer data through surveys, demographics and consumer preferences that they access through the info kiosks.

3. Digital Signage goes Mobile

You’ve seen these in the airplanes. Now they are installed in taxis and buses and content is much more varied as these are already managed through the internet. Usually used for company sales promotion campaigns, mobile digital signage usually provides the latest that stores all over the city have to offer.

Marketing has continuously been evolving to more effectively suit the interests of the target market. The advent of the digital age has brought about better and more useful options in marketing and nowhere is this truer than the digital signage marketing professionals prefer. If you own a small business yourself and you recognize the merits of a good advertising campaign, digital signage is the only way to go. With digital signs you not only reach the most number of captured audience, but you also increase the possibility of converting these awareness to sales and eventually brand commitment.

Consumers buy a product primarily because of the relationship they have established with the brand. If you have a reliable product, a sound advertising plan and the best digital signage on offer then you are well on your way to attaining your equity building plans and most importantly your sales targets.

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