July 16, 2024

Do You Need An Astrology Compatibility Report?

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Do You Need An Astrology Compatibility Report?

Is sun sign compatibility enough?

Today almost everyone knows about their Sun signs and its matches, we all know how does a Scorpio is compatible to a Cancer, while how an Aries is compatible to a Gemini etc.. People make judgments about relationships based on the sun sign. What people forget is that this sign shows only the basic personality of an individual, which is highly generalized.A� All characteristics of the person cannot be defined using just this sign of the individual. The moon sign depicts the emotions of the person; while the mercury defines the communication and the Venus define certain aspects of relationships. The Pluto defines the sexuality of an individual, like a person with Scorpio in Pluto has passionate sexuality etc.


For example, we know that people with Gemini sign are quite chirpy and talkative, but I bet you can find Gemini’s who are very quiet and reserved. Do you know why this happens? Is astrology wrong? Of course not, the reason could be that the person has other planets in water or earth signs. For example, the mercury planet could be in a water sign like cancer, scorpio or pisces. Mercury planet defines the communication aspect of an individual. So your generalized view of sun sign breaks during these conditions.

In general circumstances we would say a Scorpio and Gemini couple does not work. But if the Gemini person has heavy water and earth sings in other planets or the Scorpio has many other planets of birth chart in air and fire signs, then this combination can work great! If they have great positive conjunctions of main sign, Venus and mercury, we can even say that an unconditional love can exist between the two. A�So if you were studying only the sun sign, you could have missed one of the most soul mate relationship you could have ever had in this lifetime.


Hence one should not judge a particular relationship based only on this sun sign. A full birth chart analysis taking note of each planets and houses along with their conjunction, trajectory and similar other aspects is required. Moreover smaller aspects like the Jojo and Lilith and many such things are also deeply taken into consideration. A�Such analysis can be done only by a professional astrologer.

If you’re serious about your relationship then you should consider getting an astrology compatibility report, it helps you understand relationship conflicts, its forecasting, the positive and negative aspects of the union, even sexuality etc.

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