June 17, 2024

Compatible Star Signs (A Valentines Day Special)

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Compatible Star Signs (A Valentines Day Special)

As the most romantic day of the year beckons us, some of us will shy away from the romance, some will revel in it, and others may even feel lonely. Whatever your circumstances this Valentines Day one thing is for certain, no one can ignore it. You only have to walk down the street to find bunch after bunch of Red Roses colouring the doorways of florists and forget me not shops. But whether you are single, dating, married, suffering from unrequited love or waiting for that special person to walk your way, have you ever looked into what star sign would be your perfect match?

With a host of websites all covering an array of astrology and star sign information it is very easy to discover who might be right for you as well as might not be. As the twelve signs are held to represent twelve basic personality types or characteristics there are good reasons why particular star signs get on better with some more than others. I checked out what my most compatible Star Sign was and came back with the following results. As an Aquarian, my perfect partner would be either a Gemini or Libra. Nearly perfect partner would be Aries or Sagittarius; Like Minded Souls would be a fellow Aquarian. Opposites I may be attracted to are Cancer and Virgo and my Astrological hell is Leo.

Here’s a list of all the perfect partners for all the star signs: Aries is Leo and Sagittarius, Taurus is Virgo and Capricorn, Gemini is Libra and Aquarian, Cancer is Scorpio and Pisces, Leo is Aries and Sagittarius, Virgo is Taurus and Capricorn, Libra is Gemini and Aquarius, Scorpio is Pisces and Cancer, Sagittarius is Aries and Leo, Capricorn is Taurus and Virgo and Pisces is Cancer and Scorpio.

Fortunately for me, my partner is a like minded Aquarian soul, which could say a lot about our compatibility, but how would I feel if I were paired with a Leo? It is important to understand that anything can happen and although there are guides for how well certain signs get along with each other, never let a guide of differing signs get in the way of a perfectly happy and loving relationship.

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