Attraction Signs From Women: 3 Easy Ways To Find Out If She’s REALLY Interested In You

My 3 favorite attraction signs from women are extremely powerful, because you’ll never have to guess about whether a woman is ‘into you’. You’ll flat-out KNOW, and you’ll know quick.

Now, why am I saying ‘favorite’?

Well, the 3 signals I’m about to share with you can be spotted in complete silence.

That’s right.

When I share these with you, you’ll be able to gauge a woman’s interest level without opening your mouth.

Let’s begin.

First, pay attention to her eye contact.

What are her eyes doing?

If you catch her glancing your way with an almost curious look on her face… or better yet, if you notice her giving you that quick ‘up-and-down’ look (where she’s kind of checking you out, from head to toe), you’ve got some attraction to deal with there.

Second, analyze her posture.

You’ll have to be a bit closer to her to really gauge this one, but what you’re really looking for here is a relaxed posture… and ‘open’ body language.

Is she facing you directly, with her chest pointing towards you… or does she kind of angle her body off in a different direction when you get a little closer to her?

Same thing with her feet: where are they pointing when you make your way into ‘her space’?

If she’s keeping her body language open with you, it’s an obvious indicator of comfort and attraction… and that’s why this is my ‘all-time-favorite’ of the attraction signs from women:

It’s easier than heck to pick out.

OK, the last thing you want to pay attention to as much as possible is the way her hands are reacting to you…

before I get into that one, I’ve got to say this:

Her reaction (AND how you interpret that reaction) really depends on how outgoing she is.

If she’s a little on the ‘shy’ side, you’re looking for her hand to tremble just a little bit when you brush against it by accident.

And if she’s an outgoing girl, what you’re looking for is for her to be all ‘touchy’ when she’s around you… like she almost couldn’t keep her hands off you if she wanted to.

Now, if you don’t see either of these… and you almost get the feeling that she’s hesitant to touch you at all… she’s probably not interested in you on a physical level.

So AFTER you’ve kept a close watch for these 3 attraction signs from women…

By Arsya