Telltale Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend is Still in Love With You! Get Him Back Before it is Too Late!

You may still continue being deeply in love with your ex boyfriend despite a heartbreaking breakup, and you may be desperately wanting to get him back. This is quite natural and there is nothing wrong about it. Confusion would be playing on the mind of your ex boyfriend and he too would be unsure of whether the split was right.

The telltale signs that follow would be indication enough that your ex-boyfriend still holds you to his heart and the chances to get him back is not yet lost:

1. Wishing to continue with the friendship between yourselves clearly indicates that you ex-boyfriend still wants you in his life. You should never look at this as a bad sign. You could strengthen this friendship and turn out be someone whom your ex-boyfriend could rely up on and thus becoming an important part of his life.

2. If you ex-boyfriend is still in touch with you over phone or email or text message on a regular basis, it is an indication that you still mean a lot to him and he isn’t yet ready to break all ties with you, moreover his communicating with you is not just to say a hello. This is another good sign.

3. If your ex-boyfriend has ever mentioned of him missing you, love for you is still strong in his heart! He is attempting to makeup with you, being haunted by the romance that existed between you two. He is definitely considering patching up.

4. The best of all the signs is if he inquires with you of whether you have started seeing anybody else. This is a clear indication that he intends to get back with you and is awaiting your acceptance. Make your love for him known than playing games and getting into situations. Avoid playing games at this point as it may sour the relationship, jealousy may set in.

5. Your ex-boyfriends behavior towards you is indication of his love for you. Watch out for nervousness while the two of you meet up for a coffee, it indicates him trying to mask his feeling towards you. Get him to feel relaxed and comfortable. This is the right time for you to express your feelings to him and there is a definite possibility that you may get him back!

By Arsya