March 4, 2024

Are Bumps on Finger Joints Signs of Arthritis?

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Are Bumps on Finger Joints Signs of Arthritis?If you have bumps on your finger joints...

Are Bumps on Finger Joints Signs of Arthritis?

If you have bumps on your finger joints you may have early signs of arthritis.

About two years ago, a friend of mine who is in her 40’s came to me for advice about arthritis. Her doctor had told her that her neck was like she was 65 years old. Not only did she have arthritis in her neck, but in her feet as well. My friend is passionate about horse riding – how much longer will she be able to do that?

Both my parents had arthritis – my father’s was in his feet and hands, my mother’s in her back. My husband has arthritis in his knee – a result of a rugby injury and having cartilage removed. Arthritis is both painful and debilitating.

What causes arthritis?

There are two types of arthritis – osteoarthritis (the most common, caused by wear and tear) and rheumatoid arthritis (inflammation of the joints due to an autoimmune disease).

According to Doctor Ray Strand “over 70% of the people over 50 years of age have some degree of degenerative arthritis “.

Joint fluid from an inflamed joint, contains excessive free radicals. To counter free radical damage we need to consume a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables and to supplement with optimal levels of antioxidants which include Vitamin E, beta-carotene, selenium, Vitamin D and Vitamin C. It is also advised to consume glucosamine which supports healthy cartilage.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease – caused by a virus or bacteria. The immune system becomes confused and it attacks itself rather than the bacteria or virus. The joints become inflamed causing chronic inflammation, pain and swelling; and the joint fluid which is usually thick becomes thin, so the cartilage becomes less protective.

My horse-riding friend is a ‘health nut’ – she eats organic food and has a healthy lifestyle. But that hasn’t been enough to prevent Osteoarthritis. My suggestion is to add advanced-quality broad spectrum nutritional supplements – antioxidants, multi-vitamins, multi-minerals, glucosamine and omega-3 to a healthy lifestyle to support healthy joints and bones. And to also continue with exercise to maintain fitness, muscle strength, heart health, relieve pain and stiffness and to get better quality of sleep.

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