May 29, 2024

6 Ways to Optimize Your Home Business Website for Google and Company

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Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of making your online home business website attractive to the major search engines on the web so you’ll get ranked highly for searches related to your keywords. When you’re just starting out on the web with your business you’ll need all the targeted traffic you can get so you can make a few quick sales and get off to a fast start.
By attracting the attention of the search engines you’ll increase your chances of this happening. Here are 6 very effective SEO techniques you can use to get your website ranked by Google and company:
1. Keyword research is the best place to start to get your website ranked quickly for words and phrases related to your theme or product. If you’re doing affiliate marketing you can search for a product that’s in demand and then find a domain name that includes the product name.
You can then build a website around these words or phrases by writing 5 to 10 keyword rich articles to get recognized by the search engines. Then you can buy a domain name containing your product name so when people search for your offer your site will rank on the first page of results.
2. When you first build your website change your permalink structure on your dash board to /%postname%/ so your article titles will be displayed in your links which will also attract the search engines attention and help get your site ranked.
3. Always ping your new posts so other websites online will know you’ve created a new article or you’ve updated your blog with new information. There are several pinging services available on the Internet to help get your home page advertised and recognized on the Web.
4. Social book marking is another tremendous tactic to use to get additional back links created to your home business website. By registering with these sites you can get web pages stored in a single location on the Internet and also make them available to other websites for viewing.
5. Every time you write a new article submit it to the major article directories online to create yet more back links to your web pages. This is an effective way to attract targeted traffic to your website and increase your sales and profits.
6. Don’t forget to link your articles to other pages on your website besides your home page. This is a tactic that the search engines appreciate and reward by sending more visitors to your site.
Search engine optimization is an art in and of itself and if you can master this Internet marketing technique you’ll enjoy success with your online home based business for many years to come.

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