May 28, 2024

5 Guidelines When Requesting Joint Venture Agreements

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When you’re just starting out online with a home based business you may need help getting your Internet enterprise noticed on the web and help building your email list. As we all know the money is in the list and without a targeted, responsive directory of subscribers it may be difficult to generate sales of your product or service.
One solution to this problem can be to enter into a joint venture agreement with someone with a related product or service. Putting it simply you give another online business owner what she needs in exchange for traffic from her list.
In other words you’re given permission to advertise your product or service to her subscribers in exchange for some help she may need with her home venture. Bearing this in mind here are 5 tips for approaching established Internet marketers with a joint venture proposal:
1. Before calling or emailing, although I recommend calling, try to establish a relationship with your potential partner. You can accomplish this in one of several ways including leaving posts on their blog on a regular basis so they’ll recognize your name when you do call.
Of course these comments should be very positive and directed toward the owner and her business. You can also follow her on twitter and send tweets on a regular basis to help form the affiliation you want or you could purchase her product and contact her via customer service with questions about the merchandise.
One danger you must avoid is being overly friendly which may give the impression that you’re only interested because of what they can do for you and not because you like them. This will torpedo your efforts and you’ll be back at the beginning and looking for someone else with which to join forces.
2. Without being too transparent try to find out from the owner if there’s anything their business needs that you may be able to provide. You may be able to find this out by requesting an interview to place on your website to help you drive traffic. If they need something that you can provide then you have your chance to approach them with your proposal.
3. Another approach would be to offer your help while asking for nothing in return. This should make an impression on the owner and help you get what you need. If they’re involved in a special promotion or product development strategy call and offer to provide your expertise. Eventually this strategy should give you the opportunity to bring up your plan.
4. When you finally have a chance to pose your suggestion always explain how they’ll benefit by agreeing to give you access to their email list. After all they’ll be doing you a big favor by helping you jump start your online home business however this agreement shouldn’t give that impression because both parties should benefit equally.
5. Finally, you should have more than one proposal ready to offer just in case your first one is rejected. However, there’s a fine line between being persistent and appearing to be desperate so you shouldn’t compromise your respectability just to get what you want.
When approaching other Internet marketers with the intention of forming joint venture agreements try to keep these guidelines in mind and before you know it your online home based business will be on the road to Internet success.

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