May 29, 2024

3 Crucial Signs Your Wife May Be Having an Affair

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3 Crucial Signs Your Wife May Be Having an Affair

Remember back in the older times when husbands was responsible for most of the affairs? Nowadays, wives are catching up to the percentage of men that have affairs according to most current infidelity statistics. This basically means that women have affairs almost as much as men do. So how can a husband tell if their wife is having an affair? There are 3 crucial signs that can help pinpoint if your wife is possibly having an affair.

#1 – Change in Appearance – They may start paying more attention to their appearance. They may start to try to lose weight, get their hair and nails done more often, dress up a lot when going out (when they are not with you), or they may even change how they look such as wearing different types of clothes, changing their hairstyle, or changing something would make them appear more better looking. In most cases, this change is the result of what the other person likes as far as appearance goes.

#2 – Lack of Sex – For most women, a special bond is needed for intimacy. If a woman really isn’t that into a person or that special bond is deteriorating, they will not want to have sex with that person or not have as much. If a wife is having an affair, in most cases she would be more into the other guy and therefore have more sex with him rather than their own own husband. This may cause lack of sex or even no sex. This is only one possible reason there may be lack of sex in the marriage though but beware it really can signify a possible affair.

#3 – Sudden “Glow” – When women are happy or something is going well for them, they will bring about a glow to themselves. For some women, this affair can bring about a glow to them. They feel suddenly more happier than they were before. In some cases, this is the result of the wife and the other guys secret affair. Now this sign is a little tricky because we all may feel happy about something at any given time but if this sudden happiness is accompanied by other signs of infidelity, then you may want to look into it further.

The above signs can really help you determine whether or not you need to investigate more into your wife’s behavior and find out what is really going on.

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