April 20, 2024

Why Hasn’t He Proposed to You? – Insight Into Your Boyfriend’s Inability to Commit

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Why Hasn’t He Proposed to You? – Insight Into Your Boyfriend’s Inability to CommitYour boyfriend...

Why Hasn’t He Proposed to You? – Insight Into Your Boyfriend’s Inability to Commit

Your boyfriend and you are madly in love, you only date each other and you can’t imagine a future without him. If that sounds like your current situation one question that might be nagging at you is why hasn’t he proposed yet. It’s natural to wonder about this especially if you’ve made it crystal clear to him that you’d love an engagement ring and a future as his wife. It’s enough to shake your self confidence if the man you adore doesn’t seem eager to take your relationship to the next level. Although you can sit idly by patiently waiting for him to get down on one knee to propose, you may get frustrated rather quickly. You can actually light a fire of desire beneath him that will make him crave to be your husband. Once you know how to do that it’s smooth sailing all the way to your wedding day.

There are obviously several possible answers to the question of why hasn’t he proposed. In some cases men will claim they’re not ready for marriage yet because they don’t feel their finances are in order. For other men it’s a matter of just not being 100% sure that the woman in question is the best fit for a wife. Still other men question whether they want to give up what they perceive as their freedom in favor of a wife and eventually a family. Trying to determine why your guy has cold feet isn’t always easy but you should look for subtle clues in his behavior. If he seems to dote on the issue of money and talks about how much mortgage rates are or how expensive it is to purchase an engagement ring, he may just be stuck on the idea of needing more money before he’ll pop the question. If your guy talks about how he feels sorry for his friends who have gotten married because they lost their ability to make their own decisions, it’s a fear of losing his sense of self that is holding him back.

Whatever the reason behind your boyfriend’s resistance to propose you can help him overcome it. If he truly does seem worried about money make it clear that you have no intention of giving up your job after you’re married. If he feels that expenses will be split down the middle he’ll be more willing to take the step towards a lifetime commitment. If you believe that he’s fearful of losing his own interests or independence, talk to him about that. Make him see that you love your life too and you don’t want him dictating what you can and can’t do so you won’t be doing the same to him. By working on quashing his fears you’re showing him that you’re a team and that you’re committed to helping him accept that marriage with you is the right step for him.

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