May 28, 2024

Who Is at Risk for a Heart Attack?

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Who Is at Risk for a Heart Attack?

There is a difference between heart attack and stroke, although the after-effects on either one can be devastating. During a heart attack, the heart muscle actually does not get enough blood to it causing damage to part of the heart. The reason the heart isn’t getting enough blood is usually because of a blood clot or plaque buildup.

A stroke, on the other hand, is caused by not enough blood getting to the brain, which can cause brain damage. Sometimes this is evident by half of the body being numb, and trouble speaking or smiling, and loss of vision on one side only.

Signs of an Impending Heart Attack in Men

Chest pain

Shortness of breath

Heart palpitations

Weakness or dizziness



Symptoms of a potential heart attack in women can be similar to men, but there are also other signs as well. These other signs are:

A feeling of heaviness in their chest, so much so as to make it hard to catch their breath.

Pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the stomach, jaw, back and/or the neck.

Shortness of breath, just as with men.

Some women said they felt like they had the flu with symptoms such as nausea, sweating, and breaking out into a cold sweat.

Ways to Prevent a Heart Attack

Learning how to lower blood pressure goes hand in hand with keeping your heart healthy. It is as simple as making some changes to the choices you make every day. These choices are:

Deciding what to eat

Deciding when to go to bed and when to wake up

Deciding whether or not to exercise (yes, not exercising IS a decision)

Deciding to smoke, and then if you do smoke, how much

Deciding to drink alcohol, how much to drink, or not to drink alcohol

How much water you drink each day

ALL of these decisions affect your potential of having a heart attack or a stroke. When you see someone in the public eye having to get a stent because of having a heart attack, or worse yet, if you know someone who had a heart attack or stroke, it makes you realize how fragile life is. And if that someone is you, and you have that feeling of impending doom that has been mentioned by some who have gone through the experience, it is downright scary.

If you are having the symptoms listed above, see your doctor or emergency room. After that, of course follow the doctor’s orders about medication. Then, create a plan for a way to make a few simple changes that can change your life.

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