April 20, 2024

Tips On Starting A Home Based Business While Working Your Full-Time Job

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Many mom’s today are faced with the reality of having to work outside the home...

Many mom’s today are faced with the reality of having to work outside the home to help support the families income. Most mom’s would love to be able to stay at home with their children. Mother’s are now taking a stand and resorting to starting their own at home business to help supplement or eventually replace the income they were earning from their jobs. Starting a home business while working full-time can seem like a daunting task, but it can be done! You may have to work your business at a slower pace but the end results are totally worth it!! Here are some tips of having to work outside the home while running a home business.
1.) Set your goals-I made this my number one step because you need to know why are going to be doing all the other steps! Set some goals for your self and write them down. Keep them where you can see them everyday. It can be very easy to let life get in the way and get you distracted. Make sure when you are setting realistic goals for yourself. If you set too high of expectations and are not able to accomplish them, it becomes very easy to get discouraged and give up.
2.) Set aside your own work area. Get organized-This is one of my hardest challenges! It’s very hard to run a home business if you have your notes in three different notebooks, one calendar upstairs and another downstairs, important business number written on your dry erase board, etc. Set aside an area where you can keep all your important business documents in one place. So that way you aren’t spending 10 minutes searching for that scrap piece of paper that was lying on the kitchen table. That 10 minutes can be crucial for us busy moms! Setting aside your own work area will also be a great service to you because there will be less distractions.
3.) Plan ahead-There wont be much free time, so effective time management is key to running a successful home business. Plan your families meals, outings, and any other important dates in advance. A crockpot is great for when you don’t have time to cook.
4.) Remember your WHY for doing the business in the first place. Keep a picture of your family or a visual board of all the things you want to achieve somewhere where you will see it everyday. Remembering why will get you through those tough days where you feel like giving up.
5.) Get up earlier or stay up a little later-You need to devote extra time for your business. Whether it be answering e-mails, writing a blog, or marketing your website. You will want to push yourself
6.) Time management-Always try to make the most out of the time you were given. Whether it be making a phone call on your way home or answering e-mails on your lunch break. You will want to consistently make the most out of every extra moment you are given. Also, there are going to be times when you have to say “no” to the things you used to do. You are going to have to say buh-bye to your favorite TV show or a night out with the ladies. This will only be temporary until you able to come home full-time and devote some extra time for yourself.
7.) Take at least one step a day. Work towards achieving at least one step towards your goal a day. Whether it be learning more about your business, passing out business cards, or following up with someone, all it takes is one single step a day to make a 1,000 step journey. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back to doing something that made you closer to your goal.
8.) Celebrate your success, Give yourself a pat on the back to achieving even the little goals. Having a sense of accomplishment will give you more motivation to continue working towards your goal.
It is a hard task balancing a full-time job, mommy duties, wife duties, and running your own home business. It may take time for you to be able to replace your income and come home. The end rewards are so worth it in the long run. You can do it!!

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