July 25, 2024

Three Reasons to Hire an Engineering Placement Firm

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Hiring engineering placement firms has several benefits, ranging from the reduced cost of hiring a full-time engineer to branding your company as a technical workplace. You can also benefit from the quality of candidates that engineering placement firms provide. Read on to discover these benefits and how they can help your company. We’ve compiled a list of the most common reasons for hiring an engineering placement firm. Continue reading to discover the other benefits.

Benefits of hiring an engineering placement firm

Hiring a staffing agency to recruit for you is a smart choice for several reasons:

  1. Hiring an engineering placement firm will save you the time and energy of filtering through hundreds of applications.
  2. An agency will know the skills and experience of qualified candidates, which you can consider when deciding on the ideal candidate.
  3. Finding a candidate with the right technical skills is possible without spending days sifting through resumes.

Recruiting and hiring an engineering placement firm can be an invaluable step in finding a job. An engineering placement firm can access a much larger talent pool than an individual may be able to access by themselves. They can also serve as a middleman between engineers and employers, building rapport with candidates and connecting them with relevant openings. Moreover, hiring a recruitment agency will save you money on pre-employment testing, background checks, and payroll processing.

Cost of hiring a full-time engineer

Hiring an engineer temporarily can be expensive, as engineers spend hundreds of days evaluating candidates, and many of them never become full-time employees. This disproportionately drains the engineering budget. In addition to salary, hiring engineers may involve other costs, including energy expenses, which further depress productivity. But these costs are relatively minor compared to hiring full-time engineers.

The cost of hiring an engineer permanently is often eight to fifteen percent of the annual salary of a software engineer. While many companies may pay some or all of these expenses, the total cost is often higher. Hiring an engineer temporarily can cost as much as $80,000 per year, and this figure may even include the fees for insurance and taxes. Additionally, downsizing or turning over an engineer can cost a company as much as a full-time employee.

Quality of candidates

Choosing an engineering placement firm will give you the advantage of interacting with a talented pool of candidates. Engineers are often looking to improve their skills and careers. Therefore, the process of interviewing engineers needs to be efficient and transparent. Often, engineers spend two or three weeks searching for a new job, so using a recruiter’s services is essential to speed up the hiring process. To ensure success, recruiters must gain the trust of hiring managers and develop a mutual understanding of the ideal candidate.

The job market is continually changing, which makes it difficult to determine the best candidate for a given position. 67% of job seekers cite salary as one of the most important considerations. This is especially true for engineering positions, where high demand and unique skills can command a high pay rate. Therefore, employers must pay a competitive wage to their candidates. To do this, employers must consider the cost of living in the candidate’s location and the salaries of competing companies.

Branding your company as a technical workplace

When branding your company as a technical workplace when hiring an engineering placement firm, consider the following three tips:

Recruiting the best engineers can be difficult, especially in today’s competitive market. Engineers with specific training or expertise in digital technology have a leg up on other job offers. To attract the best engineers, take simple steps to differentiate your company from the rest. Invest in your company’s brand and make it stand out from the crowd. Your job ad should be engaging and set your brand apart from your competitors.

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