If you want to start a home-based internet business but want to do it quickly, instead of starting off with your own full-blown website you could make life a bit easier for yourself and still earn money, and here’s how!
1. Create a membership site
There are two really great things about membership sites.
The first is that you could, if you wanted, just provide an opportunity for people with a common interest to come together and share. Let’s say for example the interest is in birds, or mountain-climbing, or even network marketing. You provide a forum where people could ask questions and get answers from others, share their tips or ideas, seek opinions from others etc. This would require less work from you than say a site where you need to constantly be providing the content.
The second is that they create residual income for you i.e. once you have a member you will receive a regular monthly subscription for each person. You can gradually grow your membership, thereby increasing your income to the point you are happy. You will have people dropping out so there will probably be a need to maintain the numbers, as much to maintain the interest of participants as to ensure your level of income.
This is probably one of the easiest methods of getting off the ground with your new home based business on the internet.
2. Develop your own product
By product I’m referring to a video or audio (it could be an interview with an ‘expert’) possibly an eBook or even just a report, in that order of preference. Clearly, your decision about which one you do will be based on your expertise in any one of these, or your willingness / ability to learn.
Whichever one you choose (and you may want to do all of them) it needs to give information that will resolve a problem your customer has. In other words, someone is seeking an answer to a question and your product is providing that answer! Just think about the times you’ve searched the internet to find answers to your questions and in what form the answer came – you may have read an article, watched a video etc. YOU could be the person providing those answers!
In the longer term, this will be the start of a home based business that you can build upon and make very profitable over a period of time.
3. You could be an affiliate
This means selling other peoples’ product(s) and in return being paid an ‘affiliate fee’ – which could be as much as 50% of the product cost. (While having your own product and keeping 100% of the profit is clearly preferable, the advantage may be offset by the fact that you will have to create something!)
It’s an excellent way to get a quick start because you don’t have to spend the time creating a website as it will probably come with the affiliate package, together with promotional tools.
It’s true you will need to spend a little time identifying products to sell, and the key things here are to ensure:
a. they are good quality items /services
b. they are something you are interested in and have prior knowledge about – this will make it easier to promote
c. that you’re convinced they’re things people have a need for, they are things people will pay for and that their need will be met by purchasing this product.
So there you are – 3 great ideas so you can get started on your home based business on the internet right away! In the longer term, this will be the start of a home based business that you can build upon and make very profitable over a period of time.

By Arsya