May 28, 2024

Think Your Girlfriend Is About To Break Up With You? Here Are Three Ways To Tell

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Think Your Girlfriend Is About To Break Up With You? Here Are Three Ways To Tell

If you think your girlfriend is about to break up with you, it’s on your mind all of the time. Every time she calls you, you’re afraid she’s going to tell you she needs to talk. Or every time you’re with her, you’re looking for signs that she’s over you. It can even keep you up at night, because you just can’t stop thinking about what you can say or do to change her mind about breaking up.

But how do you really know if your girlfriend wants to break up with you? What are the warning signs? Maybe you’re worried for nothing! Here are three ways to tell if you’re close to the end of your relationship.

1. She doesn’t care about you anymore. If you’re talking to your girlfriend and she’s ignoring you, or if she just doesn’t care what happens to you on a daily basis, she might be about to break up with you. Not caring about someone, or being indifferent, is a lot different from being angry and fighting. If your girlfriend isn’t your biggest cheerleader when things are going well, and isn’t mad at you when you do something wrong, then she is thinking about moving on. She might just be waiting for you to break up with her.

2. You aren’t fighting. Fighting doesn’t always mean breaking up. It means that there are still feelings there. It means that your relationship is worth fighting for. If your girlfriend isn’t fighting with you over your problems, then she probably doesn’t care about what happens in your relationship. It means she’s ready to move on. If the two of you are still fighting, then that’s a good sign and gives you a chance to change things before it’s too late.

3. She doesn’t want to spend time with you. Whether it’s physically, or emotionally, if the two of you aren’t close anymore, then she might be thinking about breaking up with you. Relationships are built on closeness and intimacy. If she doesn’t have that with you, she will find it with someone else. And if the two of you used to fight about not spending enough time together, but now she doesn’t care if she’s around you? Then you definitely have reasons to worry about a break up. She might even be avoiding you so that it will be easier when she breaks the news to you.

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