July 14, 2024

Signs to Show That You’re Not Over Your Ex

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Signs to Show That You’re Not Over Your Ex

‘Time heals all wounds.’ A phrase commonly used to console family members or friends who’ve just went through a break up. Now, the problem with that phrase is that the word time isn’t defined.

It may take weeks, months or even years for a person to get over his or her ex after a break up. So, if you think you’re over your ex, here are some signs to prove otherwise.

Signs to show that you’re not over your ex:

You Facebook stalk your ex. You constantly check the profile page of your ex for status updates and photos. And your heart feels sour when seeing your ex with someone hot. Sounds familiar? If you are Facebook stalking your ex, it is likely that you aren’t over him or her yet.

You’re still keeping his or her gifts. Keeping these items indicate that your ex still holds a place in your heart. On top of that, it prolongs that time needed to get over him or her. If you still have not trashed the gifts from your ex, chances are, you’re still holding on to the past.

Your ex’s messages or photos are still in your computer or hand phone. It is virtually impossible to move on when you have easy access to your ex’s messages and or photos. If you’re over him or her, these files would’ve already been deleted from your computer or phone.

You fantasize about your ex. Fantasizing about how your relationship should’ve been or could’ve been, hinders your progress of getting over your ex. I understand that it is difficult to get over your ex and thinking about how different it could’ve been in the past, only makes the task harder.

You intentionally bump into your ex. You find yourself constantly checking foursquare to see where your ex is. And before you know it, you’re dressed up and hoping to meet him or her around that vicinity. On top of that, you get defensive when your buddies or besties confront you about your behavior – because deep down, you’re still not over your ex.

You try to make your ex jealous. Reverse psychology works at times but over doing it just makes it obvious that you’re trying to get your ex’s attention. Not only does this show that you’re not over your ex, it can potentially dent any chances of the both of you getting back together.

After reading these signs to show that you’re not over your ex, do any of them sound familiar to you? If any of these points sound familiar, my advice is, go along with the flow instead of going against it. Take action to get your ex back before regretting the decision not to.

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