April 13, 2024

Signs That Marriage Is In Trouble: Marriage Advice

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Signs That Marriage Is In Trouble: Marriage AdviceI want to be brief and to the...

Signs That Marriage Is In Trouble: Marriage Advice

I want to be brief and to the point, I am asked all the time to elaborate on what are the “signs that marriage is in trouble” and I am sure many of you want the answers to this as well, but it really comes down to three things.

First, Do you fight all the time? Do you find yourselves arguing over everything? Do you Find yourself fighting more than talking? If the problems in your life, whether it is money, work, or otherwise becoming fodder for constant arguments then you are in a serious trouble. People in every marriage have fights, but when they become constant and intense and frequent than that is one of the main signs that marriage is in trouble.

Second, Do you find that because you are fighting all the time that you there is a wall of communication between you and your spouse. A breakdown in communication is one of the telltale signs that marriage is in trouble.

Third, If your lack of communications and your constant fighting leads either you and or your spouse to another person, even a friend then you are in serious trouble. A marriage should always be about Two, Not Three or more. As soon as you look outside your marriage for comfort, the end is near. Three is always a crowd

Those are the major signs that marriage is in trouble and If you find your marriage has some of these troubles than you need to use strategies that can improve the situation. If you don’t intervene now you may be going down the path of divorce. Marriage troubles lead to Marriage Failure unless you do something to address the problems.

If you want some great strategies, and some great methods to help improve your marriage and reopen the lines of communication with your spouse than you need to check out this resource

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