Signs That He is Missing You! Sure Fire Tricks to Know Whether a Guy is Truly Missing You Or Not

If you are often clingy and unsure around your man, then you will want to read this. You will also want to stop being so smothering or you will lose him anyway. If you see the following thins, then these are signs that he is missing you and that you can relax a little.

Texting and Calling – If he starts texting and calling you more, then he is probably missing you. This is especially true if he lets you know where he is and what he is doing. Sweet little nothings and sexy messages are also great signs.

Asking What You Are Doing – This may go along with the texts and calls. If he suddenly wants to know your whereabouts and who you are with, then he misses you.

He Begins to Talk About Settling Down – If he starts to talk about ending his bachelorhood and that he does not want to end up old and alone listen and try not to jump up and down. This means that he has started to see something in you that means that you might be the one.

He Asks for Pics – If he asks you to email and text pics to him when you are not together, then send away. He misses seeing your beautiful face! Make sure to include sexy pics sometimes too.

He Holds Your Hand – If he starts to show you affection in public, then enjoy and get ready for more seriousness. If he holds tour hand, puts his arms around you, and hugs and kisses you in front of people, then he wants everyone to know that you are an item. This is a big step for a man.

Gifts – Guys that step up the flowers and cards are definitely smitten. Show your appreciation and give back. Let him know you love these things; this usually only happens once in a relationship.

Showing Up Randomly – If he shoes up randomly at your place of work or regular hangouts to check up on your or just to say hi, he may be obsessive. But it may also mean that he really wants to be around you all of the time.

The tips mentioned here are really good signs that he is missing you and that he wants more from you. This is great as most guys are really nervous about settling down.

By Arsya