May 29, 2024

Options for Franchise Advertising

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Options for Franchise Advertising

Opening a franchise can be an excellent business investment. You have the opportunity to open and run your own business, while using a known product name and selling an already stable product or service. However, advertising can be a challenge because you need to come up with your own tools for building a local client and customer base.

Using signs and banners as promotional materials in your franchise advertising plan is an inexpensive way to reach a lot of people with a set amount of money. Signs can be used inside your establishment and outside, listing specials, sales, and promotions. Brightly colored signs on plastic, metal, or wooden blanks attract the eyes of passers-by and bring in potential new clients.

Banners, made of durable vinyl and hung across the front of your store, restaurant, or station, can be seen for miles and instantly attract attention with their bright, fade resistant colors and custom printing. If your business is near a busy street or intersection, you will reach numerous people each day with the one fixed cost of having a banner made. Additionally, vinyl banners can be taken down, washed off, and stored, to be used again and again.

Take your advertising a step further and pay for advertising space inside or on the side or the back of a bus or taxi. For a reasonable amount of your advertising budget, your signs will gain a great deal of exposure, and repeated view of your franchise advertising will make your business name a household word. Other places where you can pay to post a sign or banner include community festivals, sporting events, and parades. Consider the demographic of the people who will be attending the event in question; if half or more of the people who will be exposed to your signs are people who would use your product or service, it will be money well spent.

When considering creative ways to direct your franchise advertising budget, do not discount your own vehicle or those belonging to your business. Magnetic signs bearing your logo and contact information can be made to display on the side or the back of your car or truck. Again, you will have spent a fixed fee to have it made, but will enjoy continued exposure in and around the community which your franchise serves. Magnetic signs and banners can be custom made with your choice of colors, printing, fonts, and styles. They come in a number of shapes and sizes so that you can create a memorable piece of advertising for your franchise.

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