March 4, 2024

Online Home Based Business – 5 Reasons Why The Target Group Wants Benefits, Not Stories

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The only reason, why the online home based business is on the market is, that...

The only reason, why the online home based business is on the market is, that it can offer benefits to the target group and that the target group sees these benefits honestly helpful to them. The difference between the feature and the benefit is big. The offer about the 12 millimeter drill is a feature, the offer about the 12 millimeter hole is a benefit.
The benefit is a benefit after the marketer has succeeded to tell it in a way, that the target group understands it and trusts on the story. The effective marketing communication uses the truth well told method, i.e. will tell the online home based business contents so, that the things are true, but the story is well told, but never a lie.
1. The Features Are, What You Have Created.
There is a difference between the product promise and the consumer promise. The product promise will tell the features, i.e. what features the product has. The consumer promise, what benefits the consumer can get from these features. You see the difference?
2. The Benefits Are, What The Surfers Are Looking For.
All online surfers are looking for the useful information, which can fulfil their needs. If they use your keyword to search the information, it is the job of your site or blog to offer that information, service or product. But it is important to understand that they need benefits. And they need these benefits presented in a way, which fits to them, to their style.
3. Position Yourself As A Useful Helper.
One important part of the success building is to be able to build a brand image, which fits to the target group and to your business plan. In all cases, if you have an ability to help other people online, they start to trust you and support you, because they see, that you are useful.
4. The Keywords, Which Will Express Benefits.
It is wise to look at all your marketing communications from the consumer perspective, with the eyes of the consumer, including the keyword family building. It is more effective, if the keywords are dynamic offering those benefits, which the landing page can offer and not passive ones.
5. The Importance Of Planning.
As said it is wise to think, like your target group does. This means, that you could create a world, a fantasy world, where the typical target person lives and utilizes the benefits, which he has bought from your site. This world can include the whole set of products to give you a good picture about the target person and the other things he consumes.
It will also help you to better understand, why it is smarter to offer benefits than features and why there are more sites, which offer features than benefits. There is your chance to win the others and to satisfy the consumer needs better.

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