May 28, 2024

I’m Ambitious and Looking For a Simple Business That Works

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Typically, I love making lists. They’re a lot easier to read and follow and readers prefer to read lists because of that. But, I need to tell it like it is! Whether you’re young, middle aged or old, this business idea will work for anyone, granted you put in the necessary work. Hold on to your seats because this is where your entrepreneurial lifestyle will begin.
Everyone knows McDonald’s (don’t worry; I don’t want you to open a McDonald’s). It’s one of, if not the, most successful fast food restaurant and franchise in the world. Why do franchises work though? Without going into too much detail, they are easy to duplicate, offer you the ability to leverage time and provides you with a residual income (an income you receive no matter what you do for the day). Don’t you think it’d be a great idea to take advantage of this model as well? I can guarantee you that many people around the world are, so what are you waiting on?
Well, franchising is obviously where you need to be, but where are you going to get the investment to build and purchase a McDonald’s? If you didn’t know, McDonald’s costs a little above $1,000,000 (1 million dollars) to call it your own, but are you willing to spend that kind of money?! Probably not, I know I’m not. So then where does this then lead us?
The following is, hands down, the easiest and most simple business that works. Don’t take this as a “get rich quick” scheme because it’s far from it and it requires a lot of hard work, but that’s no problem at all because you’re an entrepreneur. Network marketing without a doubt is the easiest most simple and lucrative business you can be a part of.
Network marketing is a simple business that works because it utilizes the power of a franchise, but steps it up another lever too! The best part about opening your own business as a network marketer is that the start-up cost is nowhere near as steep as opening a McDonald’s, not even close. Usually, anywhere from $50-$300 will get you your brand new business and the power and potential to make hundreds, thousands or even millions! It just depends on where you want to take your business.
Hold on, am I talking about those “pyramid scheme” things?! Actually, I’m not referring to those at all! That is just a title that people give network marketing when they themselves are not able to build a successful business using the powerful network marketing model. Whether you’re a young college student (as myself), a middle aged adult who’s looking for something different and make ends meet or an older retired individual who could use some extra cash, network marketing is the easiest and most lucrative business you can start.

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