July 25, 2024

How To Set And Reach Your Photography Business Goals

2 min read

As a business-owning photographer, your ideal wish for your business is to be successful. But taking the time to define what that success looks like to you could be the difference between frantically trying different unproductive approaches, or having a clear method for attaining you goals and wishes. In this article I am going to go over the basic steps you need to take to reach your business goals.
1. Get Specific – One sure way to avoid frustration in your business is to specifically determine WHAT genre of photography you’re going to get involved in. Sadly, many photographers ignore this step, thinking that being a “Jack of all trades” means more income but actually it leads to frustration in mediocrity. Determine what you enjoy shooting, and grow in your strengths. If you’re good at shooting weddings, why get distracted with anything else? Determine to get focused in your business by ignoring the distractions and getting specific.
2. Get A Killer Branding Set Up – No doubt photography is one of the most saturated (sometimes seemingly “over saturated”) professions in the world; everybody’s doing it. But a key way to make yourself stand out above the fold is to not take any shortcuts when it comes to your branding and corporate identity. This is not an area to cut corners on! Put your best foot forward. Your website, business cards, and social networking presence are oftentimes what mark the “first impression” that the majority of your clients will ever have with you. So, rock it out. Design your corporate branding and identity in such a way that grips attention.
3. Be A Constant Learner – As photographers, none of us will ever “arrive”; realize that your profession is a constant journey. Budget a percentage of your annual income towards classes, conferences, and other materials that will help you improve your craft and learn how to better manage your business. It ultimately is about your clients, so determine to position yourself to always be able to deliver the best to them– no exceptions. Attend workshops, read books, be a constant learner. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and experiment with new things; be purposefully open minded about your goals and how you’ll reach them.
Remember, you are either your greatest friend or your greatest enemy when it comes to your business pursuits. And “difficulty” in your business is never a good enough reason to give up. You are an artist. You are talented. And you are going to reach your goals beyond your wildest dreams.

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