May 29, 2024

How to Make a Sagittarius Woman Fall For You

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How to Make a Sagittarius Woman Fall For You

The Sagittarius are seekers of truth and they have a very extreme appreciation for literature and anything that has to do with the mind — they love to see a situation at a larger picture or would decide according to the final result. Little petty problems don’t faze them and they aren’t shaken by discouragement and criticisms. As a result, they don’t want to pinned down in one corner to get orders from someone higher. They want to go their own way and would want you to understand that. So you caught yourself flirting with one and would honestly say you’re attracted — don’t worry, it’s all covered. Below are the some tips when it comes to how to make a Sagittarius woman fall for you at last:

Talk well and get her interested. When your just another face from the crowd, no matter how talented or good-looking you are, a Sagittarius female will only take you seriously if you say something that totally interests her. Try talking about Literature, animals or the arts — she find these topics very appealing.

Value her freedom. She wants to go out on a Saturday night — let her. She wants to spend a weekend trip with her friends (ask her if you can come first) — let her. Her confidence in you will grow much higher. She is a seeker of all things new that’s why it’s important you support her passions.

Curb your demands. Pressure from a lover will only make your Sagittarius girl walk farther away. She will say she’s sorry and she will expect everything to be alright — that’s why you should curb the following top sins in a relationship — distrust, demands and jealousy. It slows her down — and might let you go ahead.

Know how to have a good time. When out with your girl, she definitely hates it when you sulk at your seat and whine about going straight home — that’s over killing her mood for fun. She’s very light hearted and free-spirited so join right in — she expects you to.

Give in to luxury every once in a while. A typical Sagittarius are very fun-loving and laidback — they can be stingy but sometimes, out of sheer impulse you might be surprised of her purchases and other lost battles with urges — she loves to pamper herself and would not think twice in doing so. Treat each other out every once in a while — life is good when you know how to appreciate the good life.

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