June 15, 2024

How Are Raised Print Business Cards Produced?

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How Are Raised Print Business Cards Produced?

Business cards are one of the original forms of social networking. These little pieces of paper are often taken for granted but are one of the primary tools used by salesman and business people alike to get their name out there among customers and associates. Typically a business card will include the individuals name, the affiliation with their company, and some form of contact information. Calling cards used to be little more than black text on a white piece of paper. Now days in order to get the maximum effect from such a tiny tool, people use an approach that is a bit more visually exciting.

All business cards are printed on one form of card stock or another. The way that they are made and the materials that are used are the chief factors that dictate the overall price. Calling cards with graphics and brilliant colors have been with us for a while and are very eye catching. Business cards with a raised print effect deliver a very pleasing tactile feel. These cards have become more popular with business people because it is important to stand out from the competition in every aspect of business.

Raised print business cards are made by using a process known as thermography. This process involves an application of powdered plastic which sticks to the wet ink on the card. Once this is that applied the cards go through a heating unit which causes the plastic to melt leaving a raised print effect. It is a fairly simple process but the effect is very elegant. These cards give the impression of class and sophistication especially when compared with very gaudy or overly busy designs. Simple raised lettering gives the impression that the individual delivers high quality results without a lot of undue complications.

These types of cards have become increasingly popular with professionals because of the impression they give. In the current business climate it is more important than ever to make a positive impression as quickly and succinctly as possible. In order to elevate oneself above the noise of advertisements and competition it is important to make a statement as clearly and quickly as possible. The right business card can say a lot about the individual, and while it is unfortunate, there are certain consumers that make decisions based on little more than the impression they get from something as simple as a common everyday business card.

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