May 29, 2024

Does He Fancy Me and Want to Be More Than Friends – Find Out Now If He Does!

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Does He Fancy Me and Want to Be More Than Friends – Find Out Now If He Does!

Will he fancy me? Will he desire to be more than friends? These are the kinds of questions that may toss and turn in the female’s head and drive her crazy.

Males hardly ever wear their feelings on their sleeve, therefore it can be extremely difficult for a female to understand if a guy digs her and desires a romantic relationship or even if he just really wants to be friends.

This short article looks at three indicators that show a guy is interested in you above and beyond companionship. At the conclusion, you will be offered a link to a great source that will help you understand males in ways few ladies will ever understand. Make use of the info to your benefit.

He Cannot Keep His Eye Off You

Body gestures never lies. If you wish to understand how a guy feels about you, research and get good at decoding his body gestures. Do you frequently catch him taking a look at you from across the space? Will he maintain continuous eye-to-eye contact and smile frequently whenever he is speaking with you?

Will he stand in your area and sometimes touch your hand, shoulders, or even hair? A guy that fancies you will appear and look at you often, even when he is shy to make a move and ask you out.

Compliments And Asking You Out

Will he make the effort and ask you to go do things together or even ask you out on dates? Will he compliment you on the way in which your hair appears or even how great you smell?

A guy who’s thinking about you will sometimes compliment you and/or take serious notice whenever you make little modifications to your look such as changing your hair.

Lots of men do not take notice of little things like this. For instance, nearly all women immediately notice a diamond ring on another female’s hands. Lots of men cannot tell you if she was even wearing a diamond ring whatsoever. If your guy is actually paying close attention to every thing about you, then he is certainly fascinated.

Sexual Flirtation

If your guy really wants to be more than pals with you, he then may tease with you. Pay attention to the discussions you have together with your guy of interest. Are they fairly typical and normal or will they incorporate a large amount of teasing, flirting, poking fun at one another, and so on?

Do any of his comments have lovemaking innuendos? In the event that he is teasing with you and particularly in the event that he is teasing with you in a fun, lovemaking way, then his appeal for you personally goes past companionship.

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