April 20, 2024

Candida Diet Recipes – What You Need to Know to Treat Candida Naturally

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Candida Diet Recipes – What You Need to Know to Treat Candida NaturallyCandida is a...

Candida Diet Recipes – What You Need to Know to Treat Candida Naturally

Candida is a fungal disorder and is usually referred to as a yeast infection. All people have yeast in their bodies, it is only a problem when our bodies generate an over growth of this yeast. There are a lot of reasons for an occurrence of yeast overgrowth. A few examples are:

* Excessive tiredness

* High levels of stress

* Hormone fluctuation during menstruation

* The menopause

* Oral contraceptives (birth control pills)

* Poor Diet

* badly ventilated clothing and underwear

* Pregnancy

* Prescriptions, particularly antibiotics

* Tight-fitting clothing

Almost anybody can experience candidas – women,men,babies and the elderly. Left untreated yeast disorders can cause great harm as they can effect your immune system.

A few yeast infection signs are:

* digestive disorders

* gas and bloating

* constipation

* diarrhea

* irritability

* tiredness

* skin rash

* white coated tongue or thrush

* dizziness

The most powerful permanent cure for candida is to follow a healthy diet. Do not think of the word diet as a limitation on what foods you are allowed, the food included in this diet is all wholesome and very healthy that will make you feel great very quickly.

Once you start to follow a healthy diet you may encounter candida die off symptoms which are the result of excess yeast dying and being expelled by your body. The symptoms vary by person and in extreme cases can be quite severe for many days, but be assured this is not a warning that the diet is not working, but confirmation that it is working correctly! After a short while you will feel so much healthier.

Physicians often prescribe antifungal creams and tablets to cure yeast disorders, but I would recommend you look at all the natural antifungal treatments you can make yourself. One crucial point is that when you start any antifungal treatment you need to alter your diet as well. If not you are defeating the antifungal treatment because even though you are treating the candida you are still continuing to feed the yeast by your poor diet.

So just what are candida diet recipes?

These are the Top 10 foods for fighting candida – they all contain powerful antifungal properties:

1. Lemon & Lime Juice – aids the digestive system

2. Seaweed – flushes away toxic substances

3. Garlic – has a potent detox effect

4. Coconut Oil – very potent antifungal

5. Olive Oil – stimulates the immune system

6. Onions – flush excess fluids from your body

7. Cayenne Pepper – increases metabolism

8. Pumpkin Seeds – high in Omega3 fatty acids

9. Fresh Ginger Tea – great detox properties

10. Almonds – promote beneficial bacteria

One key element you must do away with from your diet is refined carbs and all junk food which are all empty calories and non nutritious foods. Include more fresh vegetables and fruits, raw wherever possible – they are great blended or juiced which makes digestion easier. Dark leafy greens are a must these are so packed with nutrients and have super cleansing and detox benefits – you can also blend these to make great soups.

Everybody is different so do not try to change your diet overnight because your body could oppose it. Take it step by step and let your body adjust to these new tasting foods. It may take some time to change, but it will be well worth it. You will start to see those nagging symptoms you have suffered with for years begin to disappear.

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