July 25, 2024

Basic Signs for How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

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Basic Signs for How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

Most men look out for specific signs of “how to tell if a girl likes you,” before they actually pursue women. These signs somehow give men the confidence they need to assure that their effort is worthwhile. Well, the thing is, you don’t really need to know everything there is to know on how to tell if a girl likes you. All you have to know are the basic signs regardless if you think she’s doing it consciously or unconsciously.

Here are some basic signs for how to tell if a girl likes you that you should keep an eye out for:

Eye Contact

Anytime a girl looks at you or stares back at you for more than 3 seconds, you should consider it pretty solid eye contact that no longer fits the description of just casual glancing. Casual glancing takes just about a second or two and it simply means that the girl is just looking around. I wouldn’t give casual glances much weight in how to tell if a girl likes you. Eye contact that lasts for more than that doesn’t mean she’s just looking around-it means she’s checking you out!

Body Language

Solid eye contact should give you enough reason to approach a girl. Once you’ve approached and engaged a girl in conversation, the next thing sign for how to tell if a girl likes you that you need to look for is body language. Here are some examples of “I like you” body language:

Her body is facing you when you’re talking to her (conveys she’s interested)

She’s nodding when you’re talking (conveys that she’s listening)

She’s smiling and responding to you (conveys that she’s engaged in the conversation)

She’s touching your hand or your shoulder or your leg throughout the conversation (conveys that she’s comfortable with you)

Compliance Test

Compliance tests will help you significantly on how to tell if a girl likes you. Not a lot of men do this. Maybe it’s because most men lack the confidence to do this or are just not comfortable doing this. But this is something you have to do. A compliance test is basically asking her to do something and seeing if she follows along. The test can either be big or small. I usually start with small tests and end with bigger tests. I might ask a girl to stand up if she is sitting down. If she complies to a series of small tests like this, you can build towards a bigger test such as asking a girl for her number or asking a girl to go get a cup of coffee. Of course if she complies to bigger tests, it’s a pretty reliable indicator that she likes you.


Teasing should be on every man’s radar for how to tell if a girl likes you. When she teases you, it means she’s inviting you to play along in a little game of cat and mouse. I know what you’re thinking-you hate when girls play games. But look at it this way: if she didn’t like you at all, she wouldn’t waste her time playing with you in the first place. Here are some examples of teasing:

She bites her lip when you’re talking to her

She rims the top of her glass with her finger

She blatantly reveals some skin for you (cleavage or legs) when she moves or adjusts her position

She stares at your lips when you’re talking to her

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