February 20, 2024

A Guide to Boat Naming

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A Guide to Boat NamingHow does one name his or her boat? Choosing the right...

A Guide to Boat Naming

How does one name his or her boat? Choosing the right name for a boat sign leaves many nautical thrill seekers nervous that they won’t be able to settle on the appropriate one. There are various opinions when it comes to the subject, but getting the name right can often be the difference between proudly navigating the waters and floating with a name that not only the owner but, the passengers as well are embarrassed about. Boat signs, while they may seem like a relatively unimportant aspect of seafaring, can add a whole new identity to voyages.

Dennis Clarke of writes that boat naming is often a personal process.

“Have you spent more time choosing a name for your boat than you spent choosing a name for your child or pet?,” he asks. “Landlubbers think we are all crazy but most boaters will agree, choosing boat names is an expression of ourselves, our passions, or, our dreams. “He explains that boat names are “often downright unpronounceable, but asks: “A boat by any other name might float the same but would it really reflect your own personality?”

Clarke also notes that while out at sea, a boat’s sign can become its identity. When other boats pass by, the first thing they see will be the name. When naming a boat it is important think about what personality the boat already encompasses. Is the boat a behemoth? For one Russian billionaire, the name of his boat fits not only the massive yacht but also the price tag.

Roman Abramovich, whose 557-foot boat has a price tag of nearly $1.2 billion, appropriately named his boat Eclipse. We may never know if the name refers to the sheer size of the boat or the enormous price tag.

There can also be sentimental reasons when deciding on what to put on a boat sign. According to the website wikiHow, a boat’s name should, above all else, be personally satisfying.

“Pick a name that means something to you or to someone you love. The No. 1 mistake in picking a boat name is picking a name that might be impressive to others,” the website suggests. “Instead, pick a name that is the most valuable to you. You are paying for the boat, so why name it for the amusement of strangers? Name the boat for your own purpose and select a name that actually provides you the amusement or the enjoyment.”

When it comes to literally putting a name on a boat, there are a few different options for boat owners. One of those options is vinyl boat lettering, which can be created by most sign stores. The other option is to have a local artist paint on the name and make it more customized. Another important thing is to take a fair amount of time when considering the name of a boat. The name will stick with your boat through all kinds of waters, and it is essential that it shows the kind of personality you want it to have.

No matter what one decides to do with the name of a boat, the most important thing is that the owner is happy with it. Though the seas may be rough at times, with the right name and crew, calm waters will surely be ahead. Though many of the old sea captains have hung up their hats and lowered the sails, new voyagers continue to navigate in their own ways across seas and oceans all over the world.

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