April 20, 2024

9 Startling Signs That a Man is Interested in You

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9 Startling Signs That a Man is Interested in YouSometimes it’s easy to tell if...

9 Startling Signs That a Man is Interested in You

Sometimes it’s easy to tell if a guy is interested in you. Other times it’s hard due to mixed signals and simple unawareness on the part of the woman not to mention men’s shyness and insecurity. Well, in order to never feel unsure again as to whether a man desires you or not, check out the nine startling signs that show he would like to be more than just friends:

One – He doesn’t talk to you

Men don’t like to look foolish in front of women unless they’re deliberately trying to make you laugh. Giving you the silent treatment is simply their way of not risking making a fool of themselves. The best course of action is to initiate the conversation. They might be very nervous at first, but once the ice is broken you’ll get a better idea as to whether you like them back.

Two – He teases you

Now, this might seem juvenile, reminiscent of the school playground and can be mildly annoying as well, but some men resort to boyish behaviour and express their interest by teasing. They might make a comment about your dress, hair, car – anything. In their minds, attack is their only form of defence because they are seriously interested in you and aren’t fully sure how to deal with it.

Three – He avoids you

Again, this is another sign of being on the defensive. If he’s not around then you cannot see him blush, get tongue-tied or do something silly. Some men would rather risk not seeing you then risk humiliating themselves.

Four – He pretends he doesn’t remember you

You both met months ago at a party and he has remembered you very well indeed, but is intent on playing it cool and pretending to have completely forgotten your name. He wants to imply that he has been far too busy to recall you and is so popular that he cannot possibly remember all the women he meets. Don’t be fooled – he hasn’t forgotten you at all.

Five – Watch his shoulders

When a man likes a woman he has a tendency to push back his shoulders in order to improve his posture and appear taller and more muscular. It’s a very common occurrence and the result of subconscious responses to people we fancy, but still easy to overlook as it can happen in a flash.

Six – He flirts with your girlfriends

Yet another defence mechanism! By flirting with your friend he does not risk being rejected by you and simultaneously hopes that by impressing your friend, she will act as a go-between for you and him. It also gives him the chance to be near you yet give the impression he isn’t desperate to be with you.

Seven – His friends flirt with you

This might seem rather childish, but it’s still common for a man to send his friend over to you before he takes the plunge himself and comes over to talk. By involving you in a group, he feels less insecure showing his interest in you.

Eight – He chats about nothing in particular

Men like talking about themselves – this is commonly known. The enamoured man, when faced with the object of his desire – you – can turn into a drivelling wreck and be reduced to talking nonsense.

Nine – He tells you about his terrible dates

It may appear that he is a friend and is simply ringing up for a chat. However, when he makes a habit of telling you about his dreadful dates he is not only finding an excuse to ring you up but is also hoping that you will put a stop to his sad single life and become his girlfriend.

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