May 28, 2024

4 Proven Techniques To Get Your Home Business Website Ranked In Google

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If you’re just beginning your Internet marketing career with a home based business online one of your first priorities should be getting your website ranked in the major search engines on the web starting with Google. If your site isn’t displaying when people search using key words related to your overall web page theme then you’re losing out on all the invaluable, natural, organic traffic that these web crawlers can provide.
Without this type of visitor success for your Internet enterprise will be difficult to achieve. So in order to increase your chances of realizing your entrepreneurial goals on the web you must get your home page listed in Google. Here are four strategies you can employ to help ensure this happens sooner rather than later so your website will get the traffic it needs to boost your sales and profits online:
1. Even before you create your web page you should decide which keywords you’re going to use throughout your site in order to make it search engine friendly. Your home page must be optimized for words related to your overall theme or topic so when someone conducts a search using these terms your site will be listed in the results provided and your web page will benefit from the resulting traffic.
You should choose your words carefully while keeping in mind the phrases people most often use when searching for your product or your business online. There are many free tools available on the web to aid with your keyword research including Google’s free software however; before compiling your list you should investigate some of the valuable content which has been created related to this topic on the Internet.
2. Creating quality back links is imperative to achieving a high page ranking within search engine results for your website. A back link is your web page’s URL that’s been dispersed throughout the Internet on various websites and when clicked leads the person back to your home page.
Google and company love back links, therefore the more quality connections you have online the higher in importance you website is perceived and the higher your search engine ranking will become. There are several ways to establish these bonds with other sites including article marketing, placing comments on related forums and chat rooms and by commenting on similar but non competing websites and blogs.
3. After you’ve created your web page conduct a check for errors and broken links on your site. If your home page contains too many of these mistakes it can hamper the web crawlers ability to crawl your site so it can be listed in search results.
You can examine your website by signing up for a Google Webmaster account which will display any errors on your web pages so you can identify their location and fix them. These checks should be conducted on a regular basis to ensure you maintain your status in the search results online.
4. Always make sure your content is relevant to your website’s overall theme or topic. For example, if your main topic is home business opportunities online and you include content about how to repair your car you will only confuse the search engines and your visitors as well which may result in lower or no ranking within search results. Continuity and consistency are very important terms to Google and friends.
Achieving and maintaining a page 1 ranking in Google will help ensure your Internet enterprise’s long term success because of a consistent flow of targeted, organic traffic which will increase your sales and profits and your over all prosperity online.

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