June 17, 2024

3 Sure Ways to Find New Business Ideas

3 min read

I have always been asked, “Where do business ideas come from?” My answer is and has always been, “anywhere.” On a serious note, that is largely true for the simple reason that ideas are not confined to any particular location or space. They can be found any and everywhere. Many of the best ideas that have changed many people’s lives have been found in obscure and strange places like the bathroom, on the side-walk, in a movie theater, in the open country side, in the woods and such like places. Just about everywhere, believe me. What we all need is a habitual keen observation and a high sense of curiosity. With these, you can hardly miss any business opportunities that could come your way as you go about your life daily. These three ways are about the surest ways to find new business ideas.
01. Always be on the lookout for opportunities. I always tell people opportunities are everywhere for those who look well enough. Every problem no matter how mundane it may appear presents its own unique opportunity. If therefore you are able to form the habit of looking for opportunities in every problem, you will surely find such opportunities. Sustained thinking about how to solve such problems usually gives birth to business ideas.
02. Search for ideas in diverse places. People generally find things they are looking for no matter how long it takes. That is because when you are seriously looking for something, all your senses are tuned in to finding that thing. No matter where you may find yourself, if your mind is keyed on to finding new business ideas, you can never be disappointed. New ideas thrive on plenty of creativity and a high sense of novelty and diversity. If you go around daily with an open mind believing that ideas are everywhere, you will surely find very interesting and amazing business ideas from even unexpected places. You must however be intentional with your search. That is about the only way you can find because people generally find what they are looking for if they look well and hard enough.
03. Observe how others are solving their own business problems. When you notice someone else doing something to solve problems for others, you can always challenge yourself to find out if you can do the same thing better and faster. If you manage to find a way to better what someone else is already doing, a new business idea will be born. We are surrounded everywhere with problems which someone else has tried to solve. Many of these problems are opportunities for you to learn and to think of a better way. That way, new business ideas could be born from all the opportunities which these keen observations usually generate.
Identifying a problem people have and finding a way to solve the problem is how business ideas are born worldwide. Anyone who is able to solve problems for the convenience and happiness of others usually gets paid for his efforts. That way, he is in business. It is as simple as that. Anyone who can observe and think can generate a business idea. Human problems have no limits. So are business ideas. These ideas can be found anywhere by those who intentionally search for them.

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