February 20, 2024

3 Signs That a Friend Is Attracted to You

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3 Signs That a Friend Is Attracted to YouBeing attracted to your friend is quite...

3 Signs That a Friend Is Attracted to You

Being attracted to your friend is quite common, and friends often turn into great lovers. Unfortunately, the problem with being attracted to your friend is that it can be hard to admit your attraction to them for fear of losing the current relationship. So you want to make sure that your friend is attracted to you as well before you run off exclaiming your love, or things may get very awkward between the two of you!

Here are 3 signs to watch for that will tell you if your friend is attracted to you.

Your Friends Behaviour Has Changed Suddenly

They used to act normal when you came around, but now they are nervous, clumsy, and giggly when you show up. This nervousness indicates that you are affecting them in some way that makes them uncomfortable in their own skin. I know that sounds like a bad thing, but it really just means that they want to impress you and they are trying to be on their best behaviour.

Alternatively, if they become withdrawn around you and don’t want to socialize with you much anymore then they may be wrestling with feelings of attraction towards you, and they may not know how to deal with it.

Your Friend is Looking at You Differently

While we may be able to hide our feelings with our words, and sometimes our actions, it is hard to hide our true feelings with our eyes. Signs of attraction are most apparent through the eyes, and moments of jealousy or attraction will always give themselves away.

So when you are talking about your recent date, or when you are doing something that the opposite sex may find sexy, watch their eyes. If they seem to either glaze over in thought or if they look at you in a way that friends don’t look at each other, then you know they have thoughts besides friendship going on in their head.

In a Group of Friends Your Friend Focuses on You

If you are out at a bar they always seem to be closest to you. If you are out anywhere they always seem to be closest to you. They talk to you the most. You catch them looking at you when they think you aren’t looking. They are attentive to your needs more than anyone else’s. Basically they pay attention to you more than everyone else. These are all huge signs of attraction because if their focus is on you physically then their focus is on you mentally, and that means they have been thinking about you a lot more than normal.

These are just 3 signs that your friend may be attracted to you, but they are all good indicators that your friend may be thinking about more than just friendship with you. If you notice these signs, and you are attracted to them as well, then you may want to take a chance and go for it! Friends really do make great lovers!

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